Thursday, September 3, 2009

A Few Words Too Many

When I first heard of blogging a few years ago, I'm afraid I was rather dismissive of the idea. "Blog" sounds like "blah" -- and it seemed that there was a great potential for blah-blah-blathering until all of the eyes of the Universe glazed over. By now, of course, we can hardly imagine a world without the blog (as we can hardly imagine the world without any number of fill-in-the-blanks) so that is why, at this late date, I am jumping onto the bandwagon. Perhaps just before it rolls off a cliff. Cliff's are useful; ask any Fool.

The prime motivator for this is that I often have just too many words to fit within the cramped, ever moving trivia stream that is Facebook -- and certainly more than one can assay in the microcosm of Twitter. It's quite possible to impart some wonderfully full-blown sentiments in those small spaces if you are feeling particularly pithy, but there are no guarantees. More often, my little freeze-dried thought crystals are comprehensible only to me or to the few friends whose magnetic particles are aligned the same way. The result is that I end up feeling a bit shabby when someone I care about misses whatever point I may (or may not) have been trying to make. My apologies to you, dear ones. I may be clever but I'm not always wise.

Yesterday, my sweetheart brought home a new book for me: "Illuminations -- Mystical Meditations on the Hebrew Alphabet" by Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki. The Aleph-Beth contains keys to understanding the unfolding Universe from the mystical perspective and it's something I've vowed to learn more about. So, with that and with this, my first chapter of "Clear and Obscure", I embrace Aleph, the first path that takes us out of the realm of the safe and known and into the as-yet-to-be. My foolish foot hovers above the Abyss.



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  1. Blessings, and more!

    I am so incredibly happy you've done this and I will be here to read everything you write. Trust me, I've been waiting for this.

    Yay! You made my day.